The network of Eydon Petroleum is expanding and sees the birth of a new service station on the road to Rufisque on July 1, 2015: Eydon Péage. Located at exit 9 of the Autoroute de l'Avenir, the service station and its teams are ready to welcome you 24/7.

The services available to you are as follows:

  • Fuel: we offer quality, diversified and suitable fuel. Come and refuel your automobile, your motorcycle, your generator and all types of engine! The Eydon Péage service station distributes a variety of fuels ranging from gasoline to diesel.
  • The FunX store: it offers a wide range of products, from food products to hygiene products.
  • Car maintenance: leave your car in the hands of professionals. The Speedy Senegal center is equipped with cutting-edge equipment for car maintenance and repair, also made up of experts in car maintenance.
  • Service point

Phone: 33 836 47 77, Speedy Senegal center - Phone: 33 957 17 49, Financial service point.