Car maintenance

The « Speedy » branded car workshop is organised and operated to meet the all the  quality criteria  of the « Speedy » certified work processes .Speedy ranks amongst the European leaders in this field of activity.

A team of professional mechanics is ready to advise you on your vehicle critical maintenance requirements and on the techniques readily available to enhance mechanical resilience and avoid decay. Given the expertise of  the « Speedy » trained workforce and the shared experience vested in the « Speedy » network any pending   repair works on most vehicle makes can be thoroughly ascertained and then carried out at a competitive rate.

Eydon’s policy of customer orientation asserts itself in the « Speedy » context through a personalised response to each customer request and the immediate  commissioning of highly qualified professionals to carry out the work. Consistent with the above Eydon prides itself of abiding -in all respects and circumstances -to the « Speedy »business charter, which reads as follows:

  • All vehicles can be serviced  at  « Speedy ‘s»
  • Customers can either make an appointment or go by the  « first come first served »alternative 
  • Vehicle parts are deemed up for renewal when and only when  the « not do it option » would be unsafe
  • The overall cost of servicing a vehicle is assessed up front to enable the customer to make a fully informed decision.

The maintenance and repair work carried out as well as the spare parts renewed give rise to a failsafe performance guarantee over  a given period of time