Automotive fuels

At Eydon’s the distribution of fuels makes use of innovative instruments imbedding most advanced technologies. As a result, Eydon can rightly boast the best product quality and the most accurate metering of the delivered volumes. As a matter of fact, Eydon runs distribution facilities of unmatched process design and technical capability in West Africa. It follows that the Company is fully equipped to meet diverse and changing individual customer’s demand, to optimise the size of the shipment of supplies to each station in the network and to ensure a tight control of the volumes transported or sold.    

The Eydon automotive fuels offer exhibits the very distinct features of an utmost consistency of product quality, a wide range of grades and a variety in the modes products acquisition which leaves the customers free to choose.  Eydon Petroleum is corporately committed to make automotive fuels daily available to its customers in a safe, reliable, flawless and friendly manner. All Company stations sell the whole spectrum of fuels ranging from petrol to diesel.

As a caring supplier, Eydon fully recognises that the needs in products and services differ amongst the various customer groups and the Company commercial proposition is segmented accordingly. However, Eydon’s policy of quality and reliability assurance remains unaltered whoever is the end customer.