Introducing the Eydon Petroleum Company

Over the last years, the West African market of oil products and related services underwent in depth changes, which mirrored the process of consolidation and geographical repositioning which took place worldwide in the oil industry. In this context The Eydon Petroleum Company entered the Senegalese market to perform therein as the oil distributor of first choice rightly predicated of being reliable , in a position to call on world class expertise through a partnership with « Speedy » and commercially organised to reach out to highly diverse customer groups. 

Eydon total quality policy

The shareholders and the partners of the Eydon Petroleum Company share into a long dating experience of the oil industry and they fully appreciate how much sound management principles can foster a high and sustainable quality of the Company products. The more foundational amongst these principles are highlighted below:

  • All Company businesses processes are fully documented and their application regularly assessed against the objectives of transparency and security.
  • Operating costs are permanently challenged on the ground that « avoidable non adding value costs » are the main root cause to compromising quality.
  • Eydon management and workforce are accountable for the transparency of the work practices, the drive towards customer oriented behaviour and the enforcement of rules to protect people, assets and the environment