Our history

Eydon foundation stone was laid in 2007 as an investment financed on private funds. From inception, the Company developed at a high pace in Dakar -where it runs a network of four points of sales -as well as in the farming country and the seashore - which together accounts for three additional services stations. Several new Eydon sites are presently under construction.

Eydon regional aspiration

Obviously the Company offer to the market would give rise in West Africa to the same positive response from customers as it does in Senegal. The truth of the matters lies in the innovative customer proposition, which Eydon brings forward, and which encompasses all the products and services possibly of interest for the motorists underway either as a necessity or a convenience or even sometimes as a leisure. Under such a scheme a sizable economic value accrue to the customer meaning that the afore said scheme can be rolled out regionally.

Consistent with the above Eydon shareholders and partners pursue an active regional strategy, which entails the development of a regional assets base. It also requires to cater equally well for local and regional customers and Eydon boasts itself of currently doing it well ahead of competition.