Eydon’s organizational pattern

The organisation consists of five functions, which Heads are composing the Company Leadership Team who meets regularly to make jointly owned decisions .The missions of these functions are briefly highlighted below:

  • General Management, the custodian of the corporate and business strategies and objectives.
  • Administration and Finance, the function   entrusted with the provision of support services and resources to the Company businesses.
  • Strategy and Marketing Direction.
  • Operation Management   is making the Company « logistics » work to the permanent objectives of safety, efficiency and « first time right » quality of service. 

The  above mentioned functions - and consequently the Company- partake of a decentralised modus operandi involving very few hierarchical levels .Such an organisational pattern  is often referred to as the « network model » and is typical for the proximity to the customers it entails  and for the quick response  market changes  can prompt from within the organisation . Eydon is clearly equipped to anticipate on the trends in the market.