The Company policy for Human Resources (HR)

In the globalising economy, the HR factor governs the capability of any business to create value and by so doing to grow profitably. Eydon has worked out an HR policy which aims at broadening and deepening the Company competences, at developing and unleashing talents as well as helping individuals to create their own options. The HR policy rest on the following building blocks:

  • The planning of the competence mix required longer term in the trade of providing oil products and services to the private and corporate customers
  • The development of management and staff through their exposure to diverse work environment and performance challenges.
  • The provision of support to whoever undertakes a privately organised acquisition of new competences and/or skills.

 Eydon’s HR policy ranks high on the agenda of the Company Leadership Team.

Joining the Eydon Petroleum Company

The process of hiring new recruits starts with the evaluation of the Company current and longer HR needs as stated in the HR policy. Subsequently the positions selected for new hires are identified, the candidates’ profiles further defined and such information is posted in all usual medias together with a precise indication of the timing for sending application, participating in interviews and finally joining the Company.

Unsolicited applications are also processed and in this instance  applicants can make use  of the forms shown under the link « Careers and Employment » in

The applicants are screened and ranked against criteria embodying the Company HR policy and the better-placed candidates are short-listed. In this connection the match of the candidates’ credentials with the job requirements in the short term and her or his potential for development in the longer term are often given equal weight. Written tests are also used to assess the candidates’ ability to tap on the various domains of knowledge he or she should have command of.

The members of the Leadership Team meet all short listed candidates before a final decision is made.