The CEO's message

The concept of « Eydon », Eydon which is an ancient Greek verbal form is presented as a new word to the lexicology of West African languages. 

This new word – but not Anglo /American - can then be contextually used to designate a new commercial offer so as not to create an incident in the chosen area. The experiment of “Eydon client Eydon” confirms the values aimed by the sign-board so that it manages to deliver a welcoming promise in a pleasant and safe space and of intelligent prestations of service at a right price.

In Senegal, Eydon intervenes in the industrial distribution of fuel products to individual customers, communities and enterprises. To do this, Eydon mobilizes all the resources involved in the activities of independent fuel distribution, efficient and including numerous prestation of services in response to the various needs of different customer groups. The main resources particularly implemented are the following:

  • An architecturally identified network of places of selling;
  • The access to the warehousing and means of transportation of hydrocarbons;
  • Two partners, on within the scale of franchise agreement with SPEEDY for the maintenance of cars and the other BP LUBRIFIANTS for a supply of oils and greases.
  • A chain of shops “FUN X” offering common products of consumption, fast-food services and electronic means of communication.
  • Designed and standardized operating fashions aimed for a “perfect quality”

In this case, the differentiation of marketing approach results from the diverse content of the offer and especially modalities of its implementation to the “customer” interface when the latter is constantly involved in order to make choices.

Then in the space of Eydon selling, an offer is created and whose differentiation is manifested in the modalities of taking into charge the customer in accordance to coordinated disposals that follow:

  • Inside the same zone of selling, any car of heat engine can be refueled safely, repaired and its vital peripheral functions without any presser and under the warrant of sure faith restored to its original livery.
  • The place where the owner stopped his car is then welcomed in a space of relaxation or guided according to his desire and his choice on the services of electronic communication, restoration or selling products for common usage.

Similarly, Eydon offers for industrial customers a big range of products and diverse service of assistance in order to have an optimal implementation of hydrocarbons like for instance the establishment and implementation of lubrication program moto fleet equipment.

In these conditions, we may  conclude that Eydon presents itself as an enterprise of fuel distribution and different in its structure,  its strategies in its operating fashions  and as an occasional initiative apt to win the west African fuel market presently overwhelmed by deep changes.