Our Human Resources policy :

  • Identify resources in various fields relevant to our business

  • To nurture the latent skills of our employees by allowing mobility ajar career prospects

  • Give, maintain and achieve the "dream" of our employees and this, for their personal development

How to join Eydon Petroleum

Our recruitment policy is subject to the following criteria:

  • Needs Assessment

  • Defining the profile of the candidate

  • Planification

For the sake of transparency as indicated in the values ​​underlying our approach, a call for applications is published in conventional channels. Applicants may also apply spontaneously space Careers and Employment our site

Applicants are screened on record according to the level of satisfaction of criteria

Accordance with the procedure and following the specificity of post, a series of interviews followed possibly written tests to assess the level of knowledge of applicants.

The short listed candidates are presented to the Directorate General for a final interview, after which the successful candidates or are known.

In any event and across almost equal to a certain level skills, values ​​of some education, an elegance of mind, traits of a character are investigated in our future employees.