Our maintenance centers are managed in partnership with Speedy France, one of the European leading companies in car maintenance and repair.

Composed of automotive maintenance professionals, our team is at your disposal both to advise you and to carry out a wide range of operations relating to the maintenance of your vehicle. Thanks to their expertise, our technicians can take care of the technical overhaul of your vehicle and the change of any part at a competitive price-quality ratio and within a short time.

Combining human and technical expertise to satisfy our customers, which translates into firm commitments that allow us to guarantee our services.
Our commitment :

  • We work on all car brands.
  • We welcome you without an appointment.
  • We only change what is necessary.
  • We offer you a free, firm and final quote.
  • We guarantee our interventions in all our centers.

Visit the Speedy Senegal website at : www.speedy.sn