Eydon Petroleum, a company run by a Senegalese, operates in Senegal as network of gas stations delivering petroleum products to individual customers, communities as well as businesses. To achieve this goal, Eydon mobilizes all the resources involved in independent and efficient oil distribution activities, including many services to meet the varied needs of different client groups.
The main resources used are:

  • An architecturally identified network of points of sale.
  • Access to oil storage and transportation facilities.
  • Two partnerships, one under a franchise agreement with Speedy France for the maintenance of motor vehicles and the other with Chevron Texaco for the supply of motor oils and greases.
  • A chain of FunX stores offering everyday consumer products, fast food services and electronic communications.
  • Standard operating procedures designed with total quality in mind.

The experience of the "Eydon customer space" confirms the values projected by the brand so that it comes to convey a promise of hospitality in a safe and pleasant space but also intelligent services at the right price.
Under these conditions, Eydon Petroleum presents itself as a “different” petroleum distribution company in its structure, in its strategies, in its operating methods and as a timely initiative likely to make the most of the West African oil market, currently faced with deep changes.