The Eydon badge, an innovation for your comfort.Eydon Petroleum offers its state-of-the-art fuel badge.

The Eydon badge is the ideal and effective solution for managing the fuel budget of individuals but also of the professional fleet. It is completely secure and its unique advantages in the Senegalese market do not involve a telephone collection or the use of a payment terminal, hence a guaranteed reliability.

Some advantages:

  • Payment on automatons (fuel pumps)
  • 24 hours a day and self-service
  • Very short authorisation time
  • Fully automatic and detailed billingImmediate opposition to the customer in case of loss or theft
  • Personalised management and follow-up (complete list of transactions by driver or vehicle, mileage tracking, product restrictions or times of use, etc.)I want to get my Eydon badge:

To learn more about the Eydon badge or to equip yourself, please contact us.